The Profession of Being a Real Estate Agent

The Rewards

Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss. You can achieve financial independence and have a positive impact on your clients, your family and your own community. Your career as a real estate professional is what you make of it. You have the freedom to balance your hard work and determination with your personal goals to bring a balance back to your life. This career offers the chance for success personally, professionally and financially.

The Challenges

As an independent contractor, you will have a flexible schedule to plan your own time with your family. A full-time REALTOR® can expect to work 40+ hours a week, especially while building a client base. Prepare your family and gain their support during this transition.
Though becoming an agent is a relatively small investment to get started, you will need to rely on a reserve of about 4-6 months of income until you start earning commissions on a regular basis. In addition, health care and other common employee benefits are not provided. The opportunity to earn a much higher income should offset these challenges.

Experience & Attributes

Teacher, nurse, college student, factory worker, lending officer, home based business owner, food service manager, hair stylist—these are all individuals who have transitioned into successful Cressy & Everett Real Estate professionals. They are people with a strong sphere of influence and family support.
Success has many definitions in real estate, and one very important factor is having a work-life balance. Cressy & Everett provides programs and systems designed to support you and make your business more productive so you will have this balance.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Can I make the financial commitment to get started?
  • Does commission only income fit my lifestyle?
  • Am I willing to make a full-time, 100% commitment to a new career in real estate?
  • Can I commit to the extensive training schedule offered?
  • Can I commit to working irregular hours such as evenings and weekends?
  • Am I a professional who is committed to personal growth and development?
  • Can I commit to working with the Cressy & Everett Real Estate team of professionals and add to the continued success of the team?

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